Saving Energy in the Greater Seattle Area

Since the very beginning, Radiant Plus's objective has always been to provide its customers with the best electric floor heating systems. Its products are unrivalled in their quality, are healthy and durable and can be integrated in all types of projects, even those of the most demanding home owners.

There are several variables to take into consideration when choosing the right system for you, such as the type of project you want to complete, the environment and your budget. With FLEXTHERM, you will find the floor heating system that perfectly meets your needs, because our floor heating systems:


   - can be installed in any room: bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, basements, solariums, offices and more;
   - are energy-efficient: you will reduce your energy consumption by up to 28%;
   - are compatible with most floor coverings: ceramic, natural stone, linoleum, floating floors, engineered wood and            many others.
   - keep ambient air healthy: they do not dry the air nor spread dust and germs;
   - offer endless design possibilities: once they have been installed, there is no limit to the decoration                                   possibilities because there are no visible parts;
   - not to mention that they require no maintenance - that means you have more time to enjoy life!